Nighthawk Self Defense System is a battle proven make it home safe system. With more than 40 years of training in various styles of Martial Arts and rising to the rank of 8th degree black belt. 

Grand Master Deets has trained thousands of students around the world including Law Enforcement and Military.

​Honored to be Instructor of the year 2002 by the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Nighthawk Self Defense System is a no nonsense self defense. We only use easy to learn techniques that work, and can be adapted to any style of training or ability. 

Nighthawk Combat Cane Street Defense we developed in 1992, since then thousands use our canes and self-defense. We designed our canes for everyday carry. Our goal is for everyone to make it home safe. 

Nighthawk canes are one of the original Combat Cane manufacturer in the U.S.A.. We take pride in each of our handcrafted cane. Many of our customers have been purchasing and using our canes for more than three decades.